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Chairman's Letter

An Introduction from the Chair of Governors


After a career in teaching and senior management, I became Chair of Governors in January 2018.  Since that time there have been some changes, but the school continues to flourish and put it's pupils at the heart of all it does.


I know I speak on behalf of all the governors when I say how proud we are of the achievements of this school.  The impression one has on visiting is that it is a happy place with confident pupils who work and play hard.  Results and progress are excellent as is the range of experiences available to the pupils  - be it on the sports field, the stage, engaging with the local and international community or the enriching school visits and extra-curricular activities on offer.  This was reflected in February 2017 when the school was awarded an Outstanding rating by Ofsted.


Our role as a critical friend to the school is made very easy by the excellent Headteacher and staff and supportive parents and pupils.  But we do monitor all aspects of the work of the school to ensure that it is operating within the law and within national and local guidelines; that it is fulfilling its stated aims, and that finances are being used responsibly to enable the school and its pupils to prosper.


We do this by scrutinising the regular reports we receive from the headteacher; by analysing data on national and local websites; by attending briefing and training sessions; by questionnaires; by talking to children and parents and by visiting the school during its working day.


We also work closely with the Headteacher and Senior Management team to plan the future direction of the school. This involves considering how we can best sustain or improve the achievement of pupils, for instance by extending our teaching contracts to enable smaller classes or by bidding for funds to for essential building work.  We also regularly discuss the future status of the school, for instance whether we and our stakeholders would be happy to federate with another school or how we can ensure that we can continue to stand alone.


In many ways our most important role is the selection and appointment of a new Headteacher when this becomes necessary.  To do this successfully, we need to know the school and its needs very well and have a very clear idea of where we, and all the stakeholders, would like the new Headteacher to take the school.


This section of the web-site outlines the formal function and structure of the Governing Body and of our current governors and the roles they play. Governors may be members of one or more committees and all have at least one individual responsibility.


If you would be interested in becoming a governor, please contact me or one of the parent governors, or alternatively the Headteacher or School Secretary.  I should be pleased to meet with you to discuss what is involved and invite you perhaps to attend one of our meetings, or even become an associate governor until a vacancy occurs.


Mrs Lorna Firth

North Rowley



Herefordshire, HR6 0QN


Tel:  01568 760153