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Learning in Maple Class

About our class

Welcome to our class page. Maple class is taught by Ms Searle, Monday to Thursday and Mr Lewis on a Friday. 

Mrs Bufton works within the class all week. That is the Maple Team!


PE is on a Thursday 


Forest school will return when the weather improves. 

Our class will be swimming every afternoon from 26th February to the 8th March. This is every afternoon for a two week period. 


Values Education. (We think about these values alongside our PSHE lessons and our assemblies) 

January - Forgiveness

February - Loyalty

March - Respect


See our topic plan to find out what we are studying across the curriculum this year.  


We are following Twinkl Phonics to learn our sounds and develop a range of reading skills and writing. 

On a Monday children do their spelling quiz which reflects the sound they have been learning during the week. 


Children have their home school phonics book (red) in their book bag that should contain their look cover write check sheet to help them practice their sounds. 

Children should also usually get a mini-book on Thursdays that helps them consolidate their sounds and tricky words and develop their understanding. 


Rhino Readers reading books will be changed weekly. These link into the phonics sounds that the children have been taught so that they can practice sounding and blending. 


This term in English the children will be looking at modern fiction and develop grammar and sentence construction through studying a range of texts. We will be reading Caribbean Poetry and Biographies about the poets, as well as writing our own.  The children will also write their news (recounts) regularly. 




In Maths we will be building on our learning from last term looking at place value. This will include:

  • Counting and recognising up to 100 on number squares.  
  • Recognising the value of teen numbers and value of digits in 2 digit numbers.
  • Placing numbers onto number lines and counting on and back from different numbers. 
  • Counting to 100 and knowing what one more and one less than a number is.


We will also look at addition and subtraction including: 

  • Adding with money and coins. 
  • Adding by counting in 1s or 10s
  • Developing understanding of + and - through counting on and back. 


We will also be comparing and measuring weight and capacity.  

Expectations in Mathematics for year 1

Expectations in Mathematics for year 2