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Reading and Phonics

Teaching reading is an essential part of learning. It enables children to not only enjoy reading a range of books but also to learn across the curriculum, to access numerous aspects of daily life, influencing the opportunities that they have available to them in the future. Teaching children to read is complex and encompasses a range of skills, such as word decoding, comprehension and fluency.  Below you will find our Early Reading Statement which further outlines Reading development in our school. 


At Stoke Prior Primary School we follow the DFE approved Systematic Synthetic Phonics Scheme 'Twinkl Phonics'. Staff and children enjoy following the adventures of twins, Kit and Sam, along with their family and mischievous dog Ben.  These wonderful characters are used to help guide children towards fluency and nurture a love of reading and writing through a story based approach. 




Systematic Synthetic phonics is an approach which teaches children to recognise letters (graphemes) and their associated sounds (phonemes).    

Below you will also find a range of resources linked to our phonics scheme. There are information guides for parents to further explain the Twinkl Phonics scheme and to support understanding of Phonics terminology. There are parent information sheets for each sound the children learn, as well as sound strips and word mats to aid learning at home. 

If you require any further support with regards to Phonics and reading please contact your child's class teacher.